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Surviving a DOL Audit of your Group Health Plan

Date: July 17, 2024

Time: from 1:00 pm - CT (US and Canada)


During this informative webinar, Stacy H. Barrow, Esq., BAN’s Director of Compliance, provides an overview of the process when the DOL decides to audit or investigate an employer’s plan for compliance with ERISA and other Federal laws governing group health plans. Attendees will understand what the DOL looks for during an audit, how to best prepare for an audit, and which areas are subject to the most scrutiny.

Takeaways include:

  1. How plans are selected for a DOL audit and best practices for responding to the audit letter;
  2. What happens when the DOL audits a health or welfare plan; and
  3. What information the DOL requests during an audit, and some of the hot-button issues they look for.

This webinar has been approved for credit from HRCI and SHRM.

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