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Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance


It may be time to consider personal umbrella liability insurance. This type of insurance provides an additional layer of protection in the event of a lawsuit or costly incident, protecting your assets beyond the limits of existing policies. 

While personal insurance policies are designed to cover you if someone holds you liable for damages, sometimes the total cost of a situation can exceed what is covered by your policy limit. That’s when personal umbrella insurance can take over and provide additional coverage beyond what your liability limit allows. Investing in personal umbrella insurance gives you extra peace of mind, as it ensures that you won’t be left without support should your liability limit be used up during a claim.

The coverage typically provides liability protection above the limits of other policies such as homeowners, auto, and rental property insurance. It can also cover injuries caused to others or damage to another person’s property, as well as legal costs associated with defending claims against you. However, you must have a personal insurance policy with liability coverage to qualify for umbrella insurance.

Personal umbrella liability insurance can provide added security and peace of mind for anyone who owns property or has high-risk activities such as swimming pools, trampolines, or ATVs. Having this type of coverage in place can ensure that your liabilities are protected beyond the limits of existing home and auto policies in case of an incident or lawsuit. For those with more to lose financially, having personal umbrella insurance is especially important for its added protection. 

Personal umbrella insurance is a must for anyone looking to protect themselves from potential financial hardship. Not only can it cover damages from lawsuits, but it also provides coverage for other types of accidents, like libel and slander. In just a few simple steps, you can easily get covered with a personal umbrella liability policy. With the right coverage in place, you will know you are protected against any unexpected losses.

At Coyle Kiley Insurance Agency we understand the importance of having comprehensive coverage in case of an unfortunate incident. Contact us today to ensure your safety and protection with liability insurance. Don’t let unforeseen losses surprise you – be proactive and be prepared.

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